For people who love flowers that last forever!
Our dried floral arrangements are a great way to introduce colour and texture to your living space without the hassle of changing the water and refreshing the arrangement every week. The 'Sunset' arrangent is a fun, bright combination of yellows, oranges and reds with a cheeky pop of eucalyptus green and neutural tones, which comes displayed in a ceramic vase.


(Please note all dried arrangements are unique and may not match this one exactly, but will come in this colour scheme and of a similar arrangement) 

"Sunset" Dried Floral Arrangement

PriceFrom $95.00
    • Keep dried florals out of direct sunlight, humidity or high heat as this will damage your arrangement, causing it to fade, grow mould or go brittle.
    • Dried florals are very fragile so keep them away from areas that you might knock or small children may get to.
    • To dust, simply blow with a hairdryer on a low cool setting.

    Now enjoy your dried florals for years to come!