For people who love flowers that last forever!
Our dried floral arrangements are a great way to introduce colour and texture to your living space without the hassle of changing the water and refreshing the arrangement every week.


The 'Sea Breeze' arrangent is a refreshing combination of teal blue and natural tones  and comes displayed in a duck egg blue ceramic vase.

"Sea Breeze" Dried Flower Arrangement

  • To get the longest life out of your dried florals, keep them out of direct sunlight, heat and moisture. 
    To dust, simply blow gently with a hairdryer on low and set to 'cool' or gently dust with a microfibre or feather duster, or soft paintbrush for the fiddly areas.

    We guarantee our arrangements for 1 year, after that they will naturally start to slowly deteriorate, however you will still get plenty of years out of them if cared for correctly.